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Boomerang Fitness Training offers a personalized fitness experience for men and women aged 50+ who want to return to feeling healthy and fit.

exercise-boomers-300Even if you have been inactive for sometime, it is never too late to bring fitness back into your life. Boomerang Fitness Training will help you to develop the strength, flexibility, balance and coordination to perform activities of daily living with ease. We recognize that each client is different with a wide range of experiences and goals. We will show you how to get healthy and fit with a customized program tailored to your goals, needs and abilities.

We will provide you with a weekly workout program as well as professional nutrition guidance and health coaching to help you stay on track to lose fat and regain your strength.


“Get Off the Couch” – Special Offer

First 6 sessions only $299

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Price applies to private session, in-gym training only.


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A holistic wellness program in a small group format with other participants aged 50+ seeking to Reboot their fitness.

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Improve your health and fitness for today, and enjoy the active future you have planned.

We are passionate about active aging and the ability to live a long, healthy independent life.  No matter what your goals, we will help you to identify and achieve them so that you can live your dream.

Take the first step – contact us today for more information and a FREE initial consultation.


“We do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising.”
— Dr Kenneth Cooper, The Cooper Institute