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About Boomerang Fitness Training

Fitness Over 50

Our bodies may not be able to do everything they once did, but we are all stronger than we think.  Your Boomerang Fitness trainer’s role is to help you dig deep and find that strength to challenge yourself in a way that you once thought was impossible.  With proper guidance and support, we will help you reach your fitness goals so that you can improve your quality of life today and for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I want to take this time to thank Vivian Lefebvre for the fantastic personal training and guidance she provided in a small group program I attended that began in January 2015.

I am 68 years old and my birthday is in January.  This year I was scared and asked myself this question:  Do you want to spend the next 20 years heavy, lethargic, depressed and clumsy or would you rather spend the next 20 years healthy, strong, vibrant, happy and flexible?  Well 40 lbs later, I guess you know the answer!  But, I soon learned working with Vivian, that it’s really not all about weight loss!  This program is so much more!  For me, the program has truly been a life changing experience.

With the combined help of good nutritional counseling and progressively challenging workouts with Vivian, I watched bev before afterour group go from doubtful to confident – confident that all of us now have the tools to keep working toward our health and wellness goals.  Vivian challenged us while also offering us support and modifications geared to our level of fitness – no one ever felt left out or left behind.  The small group support was also an unbelievably moving experience along with Vivian’s assurance that we were reaching our goals one workout at a time.

If you are struggling with your weight, mobility and strength, ask yourself that question or whatever question rings true and speaks to you then give yourself the gift of taking part in this great program.  You are worth it!  Thanks so much Vivian – you have truly changed my life and I am forever grateful!”
–Bev M., Hampton, NH


“When I began small group training with Vivian, I was doing physical therapy for the second time in two years as a result of my couch potato life-style. I needed to do something besides walking to strengthen my legs; I knew I had to get back into a fitness routine, but was reluctant to step into a gym full of twenty-somethings.  When I came across Vivian’s small group training for folks of a similar age and fitness level to myself, I decided to join.

When I began training with Vivian, I could barely do a squat, and couldn’t do lunges because of knee pain. Vivian started us out with body weight and mobility exercises; the workouts becoming progressively more challenging each week. Her workouts are fun, fast and effective. Every day was different, so I wasn’t bored and watching the clock, waiting for my work out to end. Using interval training (which was a new thing for me) is a great way to burn calories and build muscle. By the end of the program, I could do squats pain-free, although lunges were still challenging.

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When my small group training with Vivian ended, I “graduated” and joined Xtreme Fitness where Coach Rob continued to challenge me. I can see progress in my strength every month. At first I could barely do lunges, last week I did 50 on each leg. This week I did jump lunges for the first time. I used to think the 12 pound ball everyone else used for wall ball was impossibly heavy; not anymore! Combining all of this exercise with modification of my diet had the added benefit of a 20 pound weight loss.

I have more mobility, strength and energy than I have had in years, and feel really great as a result.  I am proud to say that I recently achieved one of my fitness goals…a return to hiking after a 10 year hiatus! I hiked to the top of Saddle Mountain in Oregon-that is 3,200 feet above sea level (OK, yeah, it was only 1,640 feet up from the parking lot, but what an amazing view for the first hike!). I could not have done this on my own!

Thank you to Vivian who got me moving again, the members of our training group who were always supportive of me! Maybe I’ll be ready to start climbing the 4,000 footers in New Hampshire soon!”

–Linda C., Hampton Falls, NHjay death star



“If you are looking to make a permanent change in your life, truly feel better, have more energy and transform your mind and body, you need to look into Boomerang Fitness. I’m not much of a preachy person, but working with Vivian has changed forever my attitude towards my priorities and being more mindful of fitness and nutrition as a way to maintain the energy I need to keep doing the things I want to do for years to come. ”

–Jay C., Exeter, NH


“I have been working with Vivian since the beginning of the year, and will say she is awesome. She has given me workouts that fit my strengths and encourages me to do more. She helped me meet 2 goals — one to be able to wear a bathing suit in Hawaii with my husband and feel good about myself. 2nd goal — to walk/run my first 5k which Vivian helped train me to get fit.  I accomplished it and finished within my goal time.

So, if you have thought about getting fit and feeling good about yourself then I would highly recommend Vivian of Boomerang Fitness.  She really listens to your needs and designs the workouts to adapt to your body’s abilities. She even gives advice on food choices.”

–Paula R., Portsmouth, NH


“A little over five years ago I was really ill and had to undergo treatments for over a year.  It took such a toll on my body that I just got really out of shape.  I knew I needed to get a personal trainer.  I ended up choosing Vivian for several reasons.  I have a lot of respect for her and her commitment to her own training regimen.  I have been watching her over the last year and was amazed at all she has accomplished.

I signed up with Vivian for a six week starter program and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  What I was most impressed with is that we didn’t use a lot of machines, most of what I did was using small weights or pushing against my own body weight.  The program she designed for me was one that I could easily do and grow with.  When I started, I was out of breath within 10 minutes, but now I am working out every day for about 45 minutes.  The great part is a lot of the routines I can do on the road when I am traveling for work.

I highly recommend Boomerang Fitness for anyone at any level.  Vivian is extremely energetic and motivational and she will get you going!!”

–Sharon P., Hampton, NH


“I worked with Vivian to get in shape after double knee surgery. Vivian was excellent at listening to what I was capable of and working me at my own pace. The work outs were geared for my strengthens and she was very motivating.With the jump start from Vivian and boomerang I have lost 30 pounds and will be able to dance at my daughters wedding.

Vivian was both friendly and professional. I would recommend Boomerang Fitness to anyone who is looking for help in getting in shape.”

–Toni C., Medford, MA