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The Dress

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It’s been a while since I have posted here.  Winter 2015 has been brutal with many days of single digit temperatures and more than 100" of snow needing to be shoveled.  I don’t usually mind winter but this one has taken its toll on me physically and mentally.  Although it is almost April 1, I can [...]

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My Paleo Diet 2.0

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January is a time when at least 80% of the conversations between adults revolve around diet.  Still clinging to New Year’s resolutions, most folks excitedly share details of the foods they have eaten and the list of items they have sworn off since they now realize that their food has been trying to kill them.  [...]


Celebrate Success

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Well, another year is in the books.  The Christmas tree is in the yard, and the decorations are packed away for another year.  Life is back to normal.  We find ourselves with a brand new calendar and a blank slate, filled with opportunities to enjoy life, take on new challenges and expand our horizons. Being [...]

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Who Needs a Trainer?

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A lot of people I meet are surprised to hear that I have a trainer.  They say, “Aren’t you a trainer?  Why can’t you just train yourself?”  To which I reply, “If Tiger Woods still needs a golf coach, then I sure as hell still need a trainer.” I love saying that.  It’s my favorite [...]


Techno Fit

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I love cool technology.  Ever since I got my first Palm Pilot, I have been a tech junkie.  Being married to an engineer has made me an honorary geek, and I have found myself becoming quite intrigued by technological developments over the years.  Currently I am very confused by the increasing size of smart phones.  [...]

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Happy Fall!

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Yesterday was Labor Day, and all the kids are back at school.  The neighborhood is quiet, the beach is empty, and rush hour traffic has doubled.  Vacations have ended, and incredibly, some stores are already displaying Christmas decorations.  Ugh, it gets earlier every year. Despite today’s warm temperature, fall has decidedly arrived. When I was [...]

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The Long Road Back

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Last weekend I had the privilege of participating in my first 5K obstacle race of the season.  The LoziLu is an all women mud race that raises money for kids with cancer and donates thousands of pairs of “slightly used” sneakers to people around the world who are in need of footwear.  On the obstacle [...]

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Juggling Priorities

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I’ve received a few messages from folks asking about my next blog.  I looked back at my last entry and was shocked to see that it’s been more than a month since I last wrote.  Where has the time gone? It would be easy to say that I’ve been busy – because I truly have – [...]

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A Weighty Issue

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Be honest – how often do you weigh yourself?  Every week?  Every day? Morning, noon and night?  Do you remove all clothing, jewelry, make up and dirt to ensure that you get the lowest possible number?  Are you a little too obsessed with your weight? Before I tell you that it’s time to stop doing [...]


Baby Steps

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Three weeks ago, I found myself unexpectedly planted on my couch due to a self-inflicted fracture in my foot.  During those first days, I spent countless hours feeling sorry for myself and feeling very angry about all the ways in which my life was suddenly limited.  I am not a good patient due to my, [...]

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