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A Minor Setback

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Whenever we undertake something that is exciting and challenging, rarely do we prepare ourselves for the possibility of a setback.  Maybe it’s because our attitudes are just brimming with so much positivity, we cannot even comprehend anything that would cause us to suddenly derail.  While it is certainly important to always maintain a positive outlook, [...]


Word Spread Like Wildfire

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In my previous post about the VASSAD method of behavior change, I talked about Accountability and emphasized the importance of making ourselves a priority.  Today I am going to address Spreading the Word – more specifically I’ll describe how using social media can take personal accountability to a whole new level. Nowadays just about everyone [...]

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It’s All About Me

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In the continuing series on the “VASSAD” method for behavior change, today I am going to talk about Accountability. The dictionary defines accountability as “accepting responsibility and accounting for one’s actions.”  So you can see why “Accountability is Key” to your success in making healthy lifestyle changes.  If you have defined your SMART goal and [...]


What Does Success Look Like?

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A few weeks ago I unveiled my own personal method for losing weight and getting healthy.  I created my very own acronym – the VASSAD method, which stands for: Visualize success Accountability is Key Spread the Word Small steps add up Avoid the Scale Don’t go on a diet These 6 rules have served me [...]


Fitness After 50 – What’s the Point?

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We’re all getting older.  That’s a fact of life. Some people eventually reach a point where they feel they have no choice but to throw in the towel.  It usually happens around the age of 50.  They think:  Who cares any more if we’re too fat or too thin?  What difference does it make if [...]


The VASSAD Method

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I’ve been talking with a lot of people lately about weight loss.  Everyone has an opinion on what works and that is usually based on what works for them.  There are so many different programs out there – how do you know what is going to work for you?  Reading about them all can make [...]


In My Back Yard

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Yesterday I visited a local farmers market, which I was pleasantly surprised to learn was taking place despite the brutal winter we’ve had.  Winter farming in New England can't be easy since there isn’t much that will grow under 3 feet of snow.  I had no idea that farmers markets were being held in the [...]


The Adventure Continues

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Today we are having another snowstorm here in New Hampshire.  It's been one of those winters that dumps new snow on us  just about every week.  In the past I would have found this incredibly annoying and inconvenient.  Right about now I would be researching trips to the Caribbean and booking something to get me [...]


You Actually Can Be Too Thin

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Something happened today that has me pondering my relationship with food and diet.  Let me start by saying that I am snowbound with no one to talk to except my husband (who is busy working) and my dog, who only acts interested in what I say but never wants to engage in a meaningful discussion.  [...]


An Open Window

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Most of my family and friends know that one of my all time favorite movies is "The Sound of Music".  You can stop rolling your eyes now.  It is a beautiful movie, and words cannot express how offended I was that the likes of Carrie Underwood felt she could improve upon the brilliance of Julie [...]